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14 November
This is: a fandom/writing journal.
This means: that this is used mainly for ranting, raving and rabid fangirling over anime, games, stories, art, and ideas.
Logical conclusion: this contains a lot of SCREAMING about non-canon pairings and really bad fanfiction.

Now that we have that out of the way, my name is: Kasakane
You can also call me: Kasa, Clam, or Quetzal
I turned: 18 on November 14th
I am: a fangirl/ a university student/ insane/ stupid
I want to be: a writer/ anything at Blizzard Entertainment/ a professional daydreamer/ a baker
I live for: Beyblade, Pokemon, Warcraft, Naruto, Crescent Moon, Resevoir Chronicle Tsubasa, FullMetal Alchemist, Eyeshield 21, etc, etc.

Some of these are embarrasing so this journal is: FRIENDS ONLY. Comment to be added; mutual interests are a plus but not necessary.

Yuriy Ivanov is love.

Kai Hiwatari is love.

I Love KyuubiI Love Shikamaru

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