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This is the first entry. Many or few may follow.

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Me: *pokes kasakane* Me wanna be your friend!

Brigs: *sighs* Jsut put her on your list, she likes babbling on about all sorts of nonsense and comparing all the hunky guys from all teh animes she's ever seen and/or heard about.

Me: Tala is hunky, ne?

Tala: I thought you went for Rei...

Me: I do, but I also go for you as well! ^__^
Addenated! o_o Wow, welcome.
*poke* can i add u?/add me?
is that enough pokes?
-pokes you- I see we share the same love for the Russain Bluenett and Tala. :) Could I add you? I belive we would get along quite well...^^
we stalk the same person GOD DAMN IT ALL!
-runs like a chicken-
erm not a fanGIRL lol ^^ but a squeeky idiot fan none the less!
and me noticed you dig the neoborgs which makes you instently cool
-insert corny lets be friends bullshit here-
*utlizes her ultimate friendination powahz* Velcome! :D
um... can i be your friend...you dont have to add me if you dont want to. so yea

Ja Ne
*friendination* Welcome aboard. :3
Hiya! I was directed here via pillsburry. You seem really cool, is it alright if I add you? ^^
Halloo and welcome aboard. :) *friendinate*